Located in Carson City, Nevada, Universal Analyzers designs, manufactures, markets, and services our products entirely from our facility, and we are a basic manufacturer of most of our component parts.

We produce the finest Gas Sample Conditioning Equipment available in the world.  We are proud of the quality, reliability, and attractive appearance of our products.  It is due to the continued diligence of all of us that we are able to maintain our fine reputation.

We produce gas sample conditioning equipment for continuous online analysis in CEMS and process applications. We provide application engineering services for our customers to assist them in selecting an effective and reliable system or a combination of gas sample conditioning equipment and accessories to solve their sampling problems.

The components we produce include heated filters, sample probes, multiplexers, and thermoelectric or vortex tube chillers.

Also manufactured are water-cooled or air-cooled sample precoolers which can be used to cool gas samples, water samples or compressed air.



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